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Software Development and Consulting Company in Indianapolis, IN

….by Arete Software, Inc.

5625 N Post Rd #13 Indianapolis, IN 46216

317.585.6100 or 844.847.4555

A software consulting and software development company in Indianapolis.  Arete specializes in Custom Software Solutions, Internet Marketing Service, SEO, Website Design, Computer Support and Services. Essential to the software we develop and support are the networks and hardware upon which they rely. Arete’s hardware division can handle the design, build and overall support of these systems for you. Established in Indianapolis in 1993, Arete Software is a trusted and valued resource to hundreds of Midwest companies.

Arete develops solutions using the latest technology for optimum operational efficiencies.
In a world of one size fits all, Arete can help tailor your current systems to your specific needs. Services we provide range from being your advocate for determining the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for your business, building something specific that integrates into your existing systems, or simply building stand-alone systems for specific and unique operations. Often, we will integrate off-the-shelf applications with custom software components. Arete’s creative approach produces time and cost sensitive solutions.

Arete also provides a wide range of on-going support options. Whether you need a custom solution for your business, systems integration, or specific components, Arete Software has the expertise to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Customer software, internet productions, hardware/networking support

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Software Development Skill Sets

Customize, Consulting, Integration


Question: Who do you call for Custom Software Development and Integration Consulting?


Answer: ARETE Software

Mobile & Responsive Apps

Question: Do you need a mobile app or responsive website?

Mobile Apps / Responsive Websites

Answer: ARETE Web and Mobile Software Solutions


Question: Are you looking for a customizable e-Commerce solution?


Answer: Blue Emporia

ERP Consulting

Question: Do you need to tie your business systems together?

ERP Consulting

Answer: Arete ERP Consulting

SEM / SEO Digital Marketing

Question: Is your website your best salesman? Are you getting conversion traffic to your site?

SEM / SEO Digital Marketing

Answer: SEM/SEO – Digital Marketing

Network/Hardware Services

Question: Is it time to outsource your Network/Hardware support?

Network/Hardware Service

Answer: Network/Hardware Services

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

In today’s proprietary world of software, most businesses are left with 2 options, buy or build. Both directions have pro’s and con’s and both can be very expensive. And on top of the expense there can also be a level of frustration, particularly for those companies that are not tech savvy.
In simple terms, at Arete, we do our best each and every time to provide solutions that allow our customers to not only buy the cake, but eat it too!
We do this by partnering with our customers towards a common goal. One we are both vested in the successful implementation of. With a 20 year history of being on time and on dime, we have earned the reputation we have. Our business practices are rigid enough to aid in hitting time lines and budgets, but flexible enough to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We do this using proper communication throughout the process, and setting reasonable expectations and ultimately meeting common goals.
Not only can we make the software systems you currently use more robust and profitable for your organization, but we can also support the infrastructure that ensures it all runs successfully day in and day out.

Customer Experience

Team Members

Bruce Douglas President, Agile Software Development and Consulting

Bruce Douglas

Bruce Douglas is the president and founder of Arete Software, Inc. Bruce started the company in 1993 after receiving his masters degree in computer science from Indiana University.

Patrick Kuehl, CMO SEM SEO Digital Marketing, ERP, Mobile Apps, Responsive Web Design

Patrick Kuehl

Patrick Kuehl is the Vice President of Sales and started with Arete Software in 1998. An effective communicator, Patrick has a proven track-record of combining a strong product knowledge within the technology sector to help his clients fulfill their needs. Patrick is a graduate of Indiana University & resides in Carmel, IN. with his wife and two sons.

Dave Hall

With Arete since 2000, Dave has over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions to support and enhance business processes. Expert qualifications in project management, requirements definition, database and software design, quality assurance testing, user documentation and training, and business and IT consulting.

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